Cultural And Creative Products

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Cultural And Creative Products

Cultural and Creative Product Division Introduction

Cultural and Creative Product Division
Cultural and Creative Product Division

The Cultural and Creative Business Division is a voyage full of adventures, creativity, and dreams. The brand "Fun Maker" was established in 2016 and has been exploring a variety of new and interesting products to bring to friends ever since. We think that "play" may not be an important part of life, but "fun" definitely is.

Our team is always passionate and put in all their hearts into the product development to create impressive designs that can touch people’s heart. There can never be enough fun !

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About Robotime

Robotime established a studio in 2005, adhering to the concept of "focusing on originality and be different by nature", in the second year of its establishment (2006), it won the Gold Award of the Second Entrepreneurship Planning Competition of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, dedicated to the design and manufacture of creative toys. With greatest attention paid to the raw materials used, from the wood, glue, paint, and everything, all have been verified and passed international qualification standards; we carefully consider every detail and aspect for the biggest fan of creativity, you.

Later on, it expanded to overseas cooperations with the United States and Switzerland, and stationed in ToysRus, Sam's Club, Japanese agent IWAYA and other TV shopping channels, as well as major overseas shopping malls and stores... Up to this moment, Robotime still keeps the very original intention : focusing on originality, and be different by nature.


AVENIR is a new generation of children's hand-made toys in Germany. The brand name is formed by combining the first letters of German words :【A】Abenteuer、【V】Versuchen、【E】Entdecken、【N】Neugierig、【I】 Idee、【R】Revolution

Presently, AVENIR's original products come in more than 400 styles, and are sold to 30 countries and regions in the world, and have cooperative relations with many famous children's publishing houses in Europe. Driven by the brand concept of "To Be Creative, To Be Unique", AVENIR's products have become more and more popular in the market.

Since its establishment, the AVENIR team has been committed to the research of preschool children's artistic enlightenment and the research and development, production, and sales of related hand-made products. At present, hand-made creative toys include : paper, fabric, mold, wood, and etc., and are actively developing various new environmentally friendly materials.