Social Responsibility Policy Statement

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Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Nam Liong Global Corporation Social Responsibility Policy Statement - Our Commitment

Social Responsibility Commitment

● Maintain good corporate governance and strictly observe business ethics.

● Organizational management and operations are in line with government and international regulations and continue to pursue improvements and progress.

● Comply with social responsibility guidelines and relevant laws and regulations.

● Provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment and reasonable wages and benefits.

● Promote environmental protection and love-the-earth activities and participate in social welfare activities.

● Educate employees to understand and support the company's corporate social responsibility.

● Communicate with customers and suppliers on corporate social responsibility, learn from each other and make progress together.

● Nam Liong Global Corporation is based on the corporate social responsibility code of conduct and the standards of government laws to protect the working environment, conditions, places, and rights of workers to ensure that workers have consistent health and safety, work safety and work remuneration condition.

Nam Liong Global Corporation

Nam Liong Global Corporation abides by the provisions of social responsibility:

● Prohibition of Child Labor and Youth Labor Protection

–The company does not employ child labor and does not employ persons under the age of 18

–If young workers are employed, a complete protection mechanism should be established

● Apprentice/Intern/Student Worker Protection

–We do not illegally employ apprentices/interns/student workers

● Voluntary work and humane treatment

–We do not force labors to work and restrict their freedom

–We do not manage employees in a disciplinary and inhumane manner

–Respect the dignity of employees and prohibit abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, and verbal insults

–We do not hire any form of prison labor

–We do not illegally detain the originals of employees’ identity documents, passports, residence permits, work permits and other personal documents

● Health and Safety

–Provides a safe and healthy working environment, and provides necessary protective equipment and measures to protect the safety and health of all employees

● Freedom of association and communication for all colleagues

–The company does not interfere with nor restrict legally organized trade unions

–Encourages employees to assemble and associate freely, and actively and fully communicate with employee representatives at labor-management meetings (employee representatives are elected by all employees

● Non-discrimination

–We do not discriminate against employees in hiring or hiring practices such as wages, promotions, incentives, training opportunities, etc. due to the employee's race, national origin, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, race or ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religious beliefs, political affiliation, status (union/veteran) or marital status, etc.

–NamLiong Global does not allow any threatening, abusive, exploitative behavior and sexual harassment, including movement, language and physical contact

● Pregnant female employee protection

–Forbidden to arrange pregnant and breastfeeding female employees to engage in toxic and harmful operations that affect the health of the fetus and baby, and labor that may affect the physical condition of the fetus and pregnant female employees

–The company should publicize and popularize the knowledge of labor health care for female employees, strengthen labor protection education for female employees, and establish and improve the health care system for female employees during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menopause

● Legal working hours

–Working hours and overtime system in compliance with the law

● Salary and Welfare System

–The company must offer higher than the minimum wage stipulated by law, and the legal wage for normal working hours and overtime hours should be correctly calculated, which should be superior to the welfare system stipulated by law

● Sound management system

–Corporate managements should comply with legal regulations, company rules and commitments to respect social responsibility, and confirm the implementation results of social responsibility regulations through regular management reviews

● Business Ethics Requirements

–All business activities should follow integrity standards, prohibit any form of corruption, extortion, embezzlement, money laundering, etc., and should implement monitoring and strengthening procedures to ensure compliance with the requirements of clean operation

–Does not offer or accept bribery or other forms of undue gain, and appropriate gifts should be of modest value

–Disclose information about business activities, organizational structure, financial condition and performance in accordance with applicable regulations and prevailing industry practices

–Intellectual property rights should be respected, and intellectual property rights should be properly protected in the transfer of technology and production experience

–Establish standards for fair trading, advertising and competition, and company must have measures to protect customer information

–Procedures should be established to protect suppliers and employee whistleblowers and ensure the confidentiality of their identities