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Integrating upstream and downstream industries, we have built up a comprehensive and systematic supply chain with diversified and versatile high-quality textile products to satisfy customers from every market.


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Finished Goods And OEM Services


Health Care Department
Health Care Department

The Nam Liong Group is well-known in the industry for its high-tech, functional textiles, various polymers and high-elastic foam materials. With advantages of the group, we can vertically integrating up and down stream. We can develop, design, and manufacture technological and functional health products. Our product line includes but not limited to external health products and AI technology products. Our services include OBM branding and OEM manufacturing.

H&H health technology products agency and distribution.
  1. The characteristics of H&H products focus on promoting health, using the group's functional materials to design products with technological content and AI intelligence.
  2. We have a complete product line, including a patented 3D Whole Body Acceleration bed (WBPA), energy based ceramics, medical aids, functional sleeping products, energy based shoes, medical insoles and medical health care equipment. A combination of multiple styles and diversity.
  3. We welcome distributors and agents around the world who are interested in the health industry, to combine H&H's unique series of products, advanced research and development capabilities, integrated services, complete product training and other advantages to create business opportunities in the industry.
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H&H Lohas Health Experience Center
  1. H&H Lohas Health Experience Center carefully selects technological medical health equipment, and provides a complete set of health screening, WBPA, exercise, and physical therapy planning. Our Lohas Center is especially suitable for mid-aged and elderly people daily health care.
  2. In addition to our WBPA bed, smart detection exercise equipment, and high-end acupuncture potentiometer, the center also provides far-infrared energy SPA and other in vitro health products with scientific and technological backgrounds.
  3. We can apply our products and services in: (1). Home use (2). Health and wellness center, fitness center (3). Medical center, hospital, health check-up centers (4). Senior Friendship Hall (5). Hotels (6) Home decoration (7). pharmacies (8). Senior Services

We also provide OEM services, and can bring our customers business opportunities and advantages from:

  1. Nam Liong is a major manufacturer of composite functional materials for nearly 50 years, and has more than 60 multinational companies that can integrate materials and technologies horizontally and vertically.
  2. For health technology related products, we have complete qualifications, materials and advanced equipment, providing one-stop OEM production services, professional manufacturing, and can meet customers with reasonable prices and fast delivery.

The Manufacturing and Export Division has a professional R&D, design and development team. We provide designs according to your needs, material selection and production services.

Drinking Water Bag (Patented, environmental-friendly)

.Patented design on mouthpiece, self-locking device prevents water overflowing or leaking. Foldable, matched with other water bag backpacks.

.The water bag material does not contain BPA/BPS/BPF environmental hormone; antibacterial, odorless, and large water output.