Independent Assessments by Accountants

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Independent Assessments by Accountants

Nam Liong Global regularly reviews the independence of certified accountants and implements a regular rotation system. The recent independence assessment of accountants was approved by the board of directors on March 23, 2022. After the evaluation, the independence and suitability of the appointed certified accountants are in line with no worries.

Visa Accountant Independence Assessment Form

Appointment of visa accountants : Accountant Huang Xiuchun and Accountant Zhuang Biyu of Deloitte & Touche

No.Independence AssessmentYesNo
1There has been a rotation in seven years since the latest visa operation.V 
2Has no significant property interest relationship with Nam Liong Global.V 
3Has avoided any inappropriate relationship with Nam Liong Global.V 
4Accountants should ensure the integrity, impartiality and independence of their assistants.V 
5The financial statements of the service organization within the two years before practicing are not allowed to check the visa.V 
6The accountant’s name shall not be used by others.V 
7Does not hold any shares of Nam Liong Global and its affiliated companies.V 
8Has not loaned any money to Nam Liong Global and its affiliated companies.V 
9Has no joint investment or interest-sharing relationship with Nam Liong Global or its affiliated companies.V 
10Does not hold a regular job and receive a fixed salary in Nam Liong Global or its affiliated company.V 
11Does not involve in the decision-making of the management functions in Nam Liong Global or its affiliated companies.V 
12Does not concurrently operate other businesses that may lose the independence.V 
13Has no relationship with spouse, direct blood relatives, direct marriage relatives or collateral blood relatives such as second relatives with the management staff of Nam Liong Global.V 
14Has not taken any commission related to the business.V 
15There has not been any disciplinary action or damage to the principle of independence up to this date.V