NamLiong Global collaborates with the Tainan City Fire Bureau to develop advanced new-style protective vests

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NamLiong Global collaborates with the Tainan City Fire Bureau to develop advanced new-style protective vests

Safety Protective Vest
Safety Protective Vest

The Tainan City Fire Bureau recently introduced the new "Safety Protective Vest," which not only features cut-resistant and puncture-resistant capabilities and excellent reflective performance but also includes newly added LED warning lights on the back. This addition helps to provide auxiliary warning during night or low visibility operations, offering emergency personnel more effective safety protection. Eight advanced rescue teams, including those from Xinying, Daqiao, and Guiyi, received a donation of 64 new vests from anonymous philanthropists.

Cut-resistant materials provided by NamLiong Global
The development of this "Safety Protective Vest" originated from a memorandum of cooperation signed between the Tainan City Fire Bureau's Sixth Disaster Relief and Rescue Team and NamLiong Global two years ago. It is made using cut-resistant materials provided by NamLiong Global, effectively blocking direct harm from sharp objects to emergency personnel. Throughout this period, it underwent design improvements by the Emergency Rescue Department and Rescue Instructors, incorporating even more superior functionalities.
Cut-Resistant Materials
NamLiong Global also utilizes high-strength yarns combined with woven fabric structures and high-density techniques to create lightweight and flexible characteristics, providing a puncture-resistant fabric that offers both comfort and safety. It features remarkable durability, high strength, and excellent protection characteristics, making it ideal for use in firefighting personnel's rescue vests. With outstanding protective performance, including "cut resistance," "lightweight," and "breathability," it enhances the safety and comfort of rescuers wearing duty vests, thus improving firefighting rescue efficiency. When applied to cut-resistant and impact-resistant gloves, it achieves excellent protective effects, reducing injuries caused by sharp objects. Its cut-resistant materials effectively prevent injuries due to negligence during work operations, offering people excellent protection.
Safety vest for their safety and efficiency
Fire Chief Lee Ming-feng stated that this safety protective vest is not only a significant investment in the rescuers but also a comprehensive consideration for their safety and efficiency. The multifunctional design of the vest will provide rescuers with better protection and support, enabling them to execute rescue duties with greater confidence. The donation of 64 "Safety Protective Vests" by philanthropists will first be distributed to the advanced rescue teams with the highest workload. Subsequently, their functionality will be further refined based on usage conditions to ensure that rescue personnel receive the best possible safety protection during duty.

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"Cut-resistant materials provided by NamLiong Global"