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02May 2024
NamLiong Global collaborates with the Tainan City Fire Bureau to develop advanced new-style protective vests

The Tainan City Fire Bureau recently introduced the new "Safety Protective Vest," which not only features cut-resistant and puncture-resistant capabilities and excellent reflective performance but also includes newly added LED warning lights on the back. This addition helps to provide auxiliary warning during night or low visibility operations, offering emergency personnel more effective safety protection. Eight advanced rescue teams, including those from Xinying, Daqiao, and Guiyi, received a donation of 64 new vests from anonymous philanthropists.

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17Nov 2023
Nam Liong Global donated fire blankets and a full set of personal protective equipment and won the Phoenix Award from the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

"The fourth edition of the '2023 Happy Enterprise' selection is divided into 11 categories, including 'General Life Services,' 'Media, Education, and Social Welfare,' 'Construction and Architecture,' 'Biotechnology and Medical Care,' 'Technology and Research and Development,' 'Financial Management,' 'Manufacturing,' 'Leisure and Entertainment Services,' 'Hotels and Accommodations,' 'Trade and Distribution,' and 'Catering Services.' A total of 3,214 companies participated in the selection, with 438 companies receiving the 'Happy Enterprise Gold Award' certification ( In the manufacturing category, which had a total of 615 participating companies, there were 76 gold award winners and 539 silver award winners. Nam Liong International Corporation (, belonging to the manufacturing industry, is honored to have won the gold award for the third consecutive time."

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09Jan 2023
Nam Liong Global donated fire blankets and a full set of personal protective equipment and won the Phoenix Award from the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior.

Nam Liong Global donated fire blankets and a full set of personal protective equipment and won the Phoenix Award from the Fire Department of the Ministry of the Interior.The Fire Department thanked Nam Liong Global for its enthusiastic support. Nam Liong Global donated fire blankets and a full set of personal protective equipment to the National Training Center of the Fire Department of the Ministry of Interior in Zhushan, Nantou. Acting Minister of the Ministry of Interior Hua Jingqun accepted the donation and issued a certificate of appreciation to Nam Liong Global to show the cooperation force between the fire department and private enterprise. Encourage R&D and innovation from industry, government and academia to strengthen the effectiveness of disaster prevention and relief, Nam Liong Global will make all efforts to cooperate with the Fire Department to introduce the Philippine international exchange disaster prevention and relief demonstration to increase international visibility.

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11Nov 2022
24Aug 2022
Nam Liong Global announced the results of research and development of fire-extinguishing textile materials for electric vehicles

In recent years, electric vehicles have experienced greatest boom in sales as the electric vehicle industry becomes more and more prosperous. Lithium batteries are now comparable to the heart of electric vehicles. When a lithium battery catches on fire, a very large amount of water must be kept on pouring to it in order to prevent the fire from keeping reigniting. Therefore, as the wave of electric vehicles continues to sweep the world, how to let the firefighters extinguish fires quickly without causing personal injury and wasting water has also become the focus of world’s attention.

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01Jul 2022
Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd. official website has been officially launched.

The official website of Jiaxing Nanxiong Polymer Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nam Liong Global Corporation was officially launched on July 1, 2022

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02Dec 2021
NamLiong Global selected as a HAPPY ENTERPRISE by the job bank “1111” in 2021

The well-known job bank in Taiwan, 1111, held the "2021 Happy Enterprise Voting Event" on line in November. Voted by all its on-line members and evaluation committee based on “employees’ happiness”, “friendly workplace”, “career development” & “corporate social responsibility”, NamLiong Global was honored to win the GOLD medal. On top of that, with the contribution to the society during the pandemic, NamLiong Global was also awarded for special achievement among the manufacturing industry in Taiwan.

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26Nov 2021
NamLiong Global Innovation and Research Conference, 2021

Led by the General Manager of NamLiong Global, Scott Chang & our Head of Innovation and Research, Dr. Kenny Chan and his team, NamLiong Global held our yearly Innovation and Research Conference on the 26th of Nov. 2021 in Tainan. With the participation of total 29 R&D colleagues from five different business units, the topics of the conference include worldwide climate change, carbon tax, Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM), and related regulations & energy policy proposed by Taiwanese government. Facing the challenges of renewable energy & extreme climate, followed by another trend of elderly care & sustainable development, NamLiong Global will keep pressing ourselves into three dimensions: sustainable development of ESG", "strengthen our relationship and services to customers", and "building a solid internal management mechanism". The Innovation and Research Conference also includes the release of the R&D results in 2021 and the R&D plans for 2022-2024 from each business unit. With the incentive bonus, all R&D teams took part in the internal competition actively! It is expected the vitality of R&D would be filled in the organizational culture of NamLiong Global day after day, year after year!

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18Jun 2021
NamLiong Global donated 700 sets of "biomass environmental protection antibacterial protective suit" to help grassroots epidemic prevention.

The green sustainability of NamLiong Global is our goal. Scott Chang, general manager of NamLiong Global, together with the R&D team, helped grassroots epidemic prevention personnel to have better protection and fulfill corporate social responsibility.

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